Tuca Dance Company
Gemma Ross founder of Tuca Dance company

About Us

Founded by Director Gemma Ross, Tuca Dance Company was established in 2005. Having worked as a professional dancer, events coordinator and choreographer for over 10 years, Gemma set about opening a company that embodied professionalism and creativity, whilst aiming always to deliver that extra something to each individual client.

Tuca Dance Company boasts a wealth of experience in theatre, corporate events and education and from this Tuca now offers a broad spectrum of services including Theatre Workshops, Corporate Team Building, Music Videos, Film Choreography and Fashion Shows, not forgetting our ever-faithful dance program that has been running in schools and colleges for the last 16 years.

At the front of all of this experience and productivity people are key. Whether it is the personal growth of an individual or the dynamic development of a group, the success behind Tuca Dance Company’s existence is the drive to deliver a little magic to each and every person. We are proud to have been told we have achieved this many times over.